Tesla supplies power to an island of 600 inhabitants with its solar farm

The acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla a few months ago is already bearing fruit: the firm Elon Musk has unveiled the completion of a project: to supply power to an entire island only with solar energy.

Tesla can boast of providing nearly 100% of electricity needs to the 600 inhabitants of the island of Tau. The group completed the installation of an electrical network consisting of some 5328 solar panels (installed by SolarCity) associated with 60 Powerpacks (installed by Tesla). In total, the solar farm generates 1.4 megawatts, enough to provide for the needs of all the inhabitants of the island.

The solar panels produce the electricity that is then stored in the Powerpacks. The island has a reserve of electricity for 3 days. It takes only 7 hours of sunshine to recharge the full powerpacks. The solar farm comes to replace the electrical production units that had hitherto relied on diesel and consumed 440,000 liters of fuel per year.

The orientation towards solar energy has made the island less dependent on fuel supplies, and Tesla now uses Ta'u as a technology showcase to promote the merits of its electrical solutions.

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