Tesla autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware

This new video encourage the new version of the "Autopilot" function. After criticism following the death of one of its customers last June, the manufacturer wants to reassure.

First, showing that his cars are trusted in urban areas, with a greater number of obstacles than on highway. Then, showing us how the many sensors of the car work.

Again, Tesla says that "The person in the driver’s seat is only there for legal reasons. He is not doing anything, the car is  driving itself". A message that could make us forget that the Tesla are not to be considered as autonomous cars but only as car equipped with systems of assistance to the driving.

According to the video at the bottom of the image, eight types of elements are detected, including markings on the ground and objects on the passage. Some 15 ultrasonic sensors complete the work of the cameras to detect obstacles.

Actually the car travels on roads for less congested than those in city centers.

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