Should we crack for Jabra Sport Pulse headphones?

Good sound and tracking activity. This is the double promise made by Jabra with its new in-ear headphones dedicated to sports activities.

In the family of headphones dedicated to sports, there is the embarrassment of choice. All the big actors of hi-fi have engulfed in the business full of promise of the objects connected to the smartphone. Here's one that will convince more than a follower of running or physical activity of any kind, the Sport Pulse Special edition of Jabra, an improved version of a product that is two years old now. The brand specializing in audio products offers here sports headphones that also act as business trackers. No more bracelet needed. The wired headphones do the trick. And they want to multisport. If they are resistant to sweat and effort, do not count on them to go to the bottom of the pool.

The Sport Pulse Special Edition headphones are Bluetooth but connected to each other by a son. They are equipped with a heart rate monitor that continuously calculates the level of VO2 Max Basically, you will know every moment of the effort you are in and the statistics delivered will allow you to improve your performance.

Concretely, the Sport Pulse has the cardiac sensor in the left atrium. It is relayed by the application Jabra Sport but is also compatible with Edmundo, Rub Keeper and Run static among others. The house app has nothing to envy its competitors, quite the opposite. It gives access to a lot of useful information (evolution of fitness, training effect, calories burned, heart rate, pace, cadence, altitude, distribution of the heart rate ... It also makes it possible to be aware of the effort Physics performed during the course thanks to a cartographic transcription of his heart rhythm.

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