Samsung Aquires Harman For 8 Billion $ to Invade Automotive World!

The South Korean firm just announced its plans concerning buying Auto and Audio Products Company called Harman to increase its profits in automotive industry world!

Samsung deals with Harman involves the big firm to pay $112.00 per share, and gives the acquisition a total value of approximately $8 billion, Dinesh Paliwal will lead the firm, President and CEO, both Harman and Samsung said. Nowdays, with Google seeking of advancing in automotive technology and Apple working to develop an electric car, it was crystal clear that Samsung will take action on automotive field this year!  

“Samsung is an ideal partner for Harman and this transaction will provide tremendous benefits to our automotive customers and consumers around the world,” Paliwal, so this deal will give it the kind of reach that could allow it to compete more evenly with its rivals inside the car .

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