PS4 Pro: You Can Clean it Without Voiding the Warranty !

The PS4 Pro has arrived, and a tutorial published by Sony presents the interior of the beast. 

Here is the news that will delight most of you, a video showing Keiichi Aoki, Director of Mechanical Design, completely disassembled a PS4 Pro. This official video lets us know more about what is inside this beast.

Here are some notable informations:
-The hard drive can be removed very easily.
-the ps4 is equipped with two independent Wi-Fi antennas.
-It is possible to remove the power supply and clean the fan without breaking the warranty seals.

But nothing is better than a video to explain this. It last 12 min but it's worth it if you're interested to know how all the element are arranged inside the magic case of the PS4 Pro.

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