Pokemon Sun / Moon would have its version on Nintendo Switch

We have learned that the Switch, the next Nintendo console, would benefit from an exclusive version of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that would be named Pokemon Stars.

Scheduled for release on November 23, 2016 in Europe and on 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon appear as the new games based on the famous saga of the Game Freak studio. While the many fans get impatient, we learn that a third version would land in a second time.

Indeed, the British site Eurogamer pointed out that Pokemon Sun / Moon will benefit from a version dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, the next console of the manufacturer. For the time being, this future game would be known as Pokemon Stars.

The site supported his remarks by pointing out that each generation of Pokemon games does not start a game duo and then a third title in a second time, like Yellow Pokemon after the Blue and Red versions, Platinum Pokemon following Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.

If this indication is true, it would be the first game of the main license to be released on a home console, Even if the Switch will offer hybrid use.

The source of Eurogamer also said that Game Freak would have pause work on this Pokemon Stars to fine-tune the latest details about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Finally, it is specified that this next game had to come out in the spring of 2017 on Switch, but it would have been postponed until the end of next year.

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