Pokemon Sun and Moon: Which Version Choose?

Pokemon sun and Moon just came out in Japan and North America and very soon in Europe (23 November) and as you know there is 2 version to choose from. So here are some things that might help you decide!

-Day or night?

The first difference between the two versions is time. As for the previous versions, the game matches your time, if you play in the day it will be day in the game as well, and the same for the night. In Pokemon sun no change however in Pokemon Sun there will be a lag of 12 hours so you can play more at night. You can already start making your choice based on these settings.

-Solgaleo or Lunala?

As the previous versions, one of the big difference between the 2 versions is the legendary Pokemon. Pokemon Sun has Solgaleo (Psychic/Steel) and Pokemon Lunala (Psychic/Ghost).

-Exclusive Pokemon to each version:

And of course, the latest difference is the exclusive Pokemon in each version! So make to check these Pokemon out before choosing!

Now you can make your choice based of these 3 main differences. Do you prefer to play night or day? Which legendary Pokemon do you prefer? Which exclusive Pokemon you are most interested in? However keep in mind that whatever version you choose, you can get the other exclusive Pokemon through the online exchange quite easily.

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