Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Tool To Plan Your Perfect Team In Advance !

 November 23rd is a milestone date for all Pokémon fans. Indeed, the new part of the franchise, Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on Nintendo 3DS. Even though some privileged players have had the chance to play these new titles, the vast majority of fans will have to wait for the fateful date.

So, while waiting the official date fixed by Nintendo, you will be able to have fun using the following tool: Pokémon Team Planner. Thanks to this unofficial tool created by richi3f, you will be able to compose, on computer, your perfect Pokémon team! The whole before even having the game in his hands.

As the Kotaku site presents, the player can plan his best strategy for Pokémon Sun and Moon by choosing up to six monsters. Thus, after the selection made, the application will be able to indicate the strengths, the weaknesses and the immunities of your team.

Here, it is hoped that the application will allow  occupying the most impatient players!

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