Pokémon GO: The Exchanges and the PvP Could Finally Arrive Very Soon!

The next update of Pokemon GO planned during the month of December promises big changes such as the PvP and the Pokemon Exchange. And maybe the second generation Pokemon...

Since the launch of Pokemon GO, players were always waiting for the PvP and the exchange system. This will finally arrive to the game. After 6 months of minor updates supposed to keep players interested. Niantic announces a major update for its application. This time real features will be added in terms of gameplay.

-The Pokemon GO players want:

Niantic seems to decide! the studio would integrate for the next big update of Pokemon GO the PvP and the possibility of exchanging Pokemon. You will be able to face other trainers directly by choosing your Pokemon for the battle. No surprises, Niantic has already evoked this will and it must be said that players waited for these features from the beginning.

-New Pokemon:

Also, we will probably see the arrival of the second generation of Pokemon and Pokemon babies this winter. And most likely the management of the babies replaced that of the eggs, for a more logical process of the evolution of these small creatures. Finally, it could be that Niantic reveals a legendary Pokemon, officially this time.

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