Pokémon GO Daily Reward Players ''New Update''

To retain its players and reward the most diligent, Niantic Labs developers offer a new update incorporating a daily bonus system.

This summer, the global phenomenon in the gaming world, it was Pokémon GO and it is not going to stop because there are still many players who continue to hunt the Pokemon in the real world. Therefore Niantic decide to give their players daily rewards...
-Some adjustments and an additional bonus:
In this update, the reward when catching Pokémon was slightly modified especially if it is played every day. 
For example, catching a Pokémon reported 500 XP and 600 stardust.and if you catch pokemon for 7 days followed you'll earn 2000 XP and 2400 stardust. Also visiting a Pokestop give you 500 XP and if you do it for 7 days followed you will gain 2000 XP.
Last but not least, this update is primarily intended for loyal players so they gain more experience.

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