Play Xbox One Games Using Oculus Rift Headset!

Microsoft has just announced the launch of a Windows 10 application in the next few weeks to enjoy the local streaming of the Xbox One with an Oculus Rift headset. A gadget app promised more than a year ago.

The virtual reality keeps on attracting the manufacturer of gaming consoles, even if for the moment only Sony has made a big jump by producing its own helmet adapted to its console. Microsoft has made a move but the project advance slowly.

The brand has made a partnership with Oculus VR last included an Xbox One wireless controller with each Oculus Rift well as the development of a system to enjoy Xbox One games in the virtual reality.

However, you can't plug the helmet directly to your console, the headset stays plugged into the PC and can be used with the ''Xbox One streaming to Oculus Rift'' application which only allows you to launch an XB1 game in local streaming.

To take advantage of this application, it will be necessary to have Windows 10 PC sufficiently powerful to allow the use of Oculus Rift headset, the virtual reality helmet, an XB1 and its joystick.

 The application ''Xbox One streaming to Oculus Rift'' will be available starting the next December 12th.

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