Nacon Revolution Pro Controller: the PS4 Controller for Pro Players!

Nacon, is an innovative brand that creates gaming accessories. has revealed a lot of information about the revolution pro controller, a PS4 controller expected by the end of the year. 

 Planned for the end of the year for 116 USD, in partnership with the Japanese manufacturer Sony, Nacon's Revolution Pro Controller intended to be the Xbox one elite controller of the PS4. It's also accompanied by an advanced software interface for a complete customization of the controller.

 The Revolution Pro Controller joysticks are the heart of the controller. Thanks to an embedded algorithm specially developed by Nacon, they offer an amplitude of 46 degrees as well as precision level meeting the requirement of professional gamers.   

-The eSports performance in your hand:

 Fully developed for the eSports, the two Revolution Pro Controller include several features such as a mechanical structure designed to provide a 46 degree amplitude, an optimized ergonomics for eSports with a convex right stick and concave left stick for extra comfort, metallic shaft and ABS ring for better durability and minimum friction, and finally customizable control of the L3 and R3 buttons 

 Among the many features offered, the PC application of the Revolution Pro Controller for the PS4 includes the possibility to adjust the performances of the right joysticks:

   . Manage the right stick's reactivity by changing the static dead zone 
   . Adjusting the response curve of the stick to determine how fast it responds to your movements (short, medium, or long distance) 

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