Maserati Alfieri: the GT concept will be available in electric version in 2020

All major luxury vehicle manufacturers are preparing to offer electric models. For the Maserati brand, the Alfieri concept will have its electric version but not before 2020.

Alongside the powerful but greedy and polluting thermal engines, luxury vehicle manufacturers are beginning to initiate developments towards electric versions of some of their models.

At Maserati, the 2014 Maserati Alfieri concept will give rise to an electric version, after a V6 thermal version that was scheduled for 2016 but will be pushed back to 2018/2019. The sports car will see its chassis lighter and its fairing refined to meet the requirements of the electric and offer performance worthy of this model GT.

It is rather towards 2020 that the Maserati Alfieri electric will take its first steps where it will come, in terms of design, to play on the lands of the Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type. Note that these two manufacturers also have projects in electric vehicles, the Porsche Mission E for the first and the Jaguar I-Pace for the second, the Jaguar focusing more on electric SUV.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin is preparing a RapidE that could arrive on the market quickly thanks to the Chinese capital of LeEco, at least if the Chinese company always has the means..

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