Live, a Mysterious Man Gives 75,000$ to a Streamer on Twitch!

Ninja is a streamer that is used to share his gameplay of the H1Z1 through the Twitch platform.However, he does not have a lot of followers in fact that nearly a month ago, his life has changed. 

Live, in full stream, a mysterious person named AC-ROYALE donated him several tens of thousands of dollars, and a total of $75000 in a few minutes, an extraordinary amount for a young player who has certainly not expected that.

It's true that nobody knows who this AC-ROYALE is.  Actually, the money has been sent to Ninja's account. Many other cases that took place in the past showed that these donations often came from Qataris Billionaires who were just enjoying seeing the reaction of the streamers by sending them money. Still, these cases remain extremely rare

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