Lenovo launches the Surface Pro 5 Competitor : The Miix 720

Lenovo is announcing its own competitor to the Surface Pro 5, the product will be running in windows 10, holding an Intel's processors which will offer a great performance to the users!

In fact, Lenovo developed its computer to support more than 1TB of SDD storage, moreover, the device can be powered for up to 8 Hours due to its 41-wh battery. Unfortunately, the device can not replace any other gaming computer because of the lack of the GPU performance, and the fact involves the Surface Pro 4 too which kept it so much limited!

There is no official news about the pricing details however it is certain that the Miix 720 will be announced before the Surface Pro 5!

According to Lenovo, the device will hold a 12 Inch screen with 2880x1920 with 16 GB of RAM in order to make it able to run many application in the same time! Lenovo is seeking to impress its customers before the official launch of the Surface Pro 5 in 2017!

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