Intel Coffee Lake: 6 cores for all future processors

While Intel is progressively deploying its new processors under Kaby Lake architecture, the American founder has just published its roadmap for the years ahead. The opportunity to take a look at the Coffee Lake architecture planned for 2018.

This end of the year and the whole of 2017 will spotlight the Kaby Lake architecture at Intel. And this generation of processors is considered (rightly) as a minor evolution of the Skylake architecture already available.

Different tests show minimal gains in performance as well as in energy consumption... The real change is expected in late 2017 and early 2018 with the arrival of the first Intel engraved in 10 nm under Cannon Lake architecture, but also with the Coffee Lake generation that promises a small revolution.

Coffee Lake Architecture will retain the engraving process at 14 nm and it will be largely a refreshing of the Kaby Lake architecture... So where is the real interest here? Well, simply is that with Coffee Lake, the standard will increase to 6 cores. Each processor of this architecture will be a hexa-core model.

Intel could thus gradually offer only processors with at least 6 cores for better management of energy consumption, a more interesting TDP and multitasking performances revised upward.

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