HTC Gets Rid of Cables: HTC Vive is Now Wireless!

HTC has introduced a wireless virtual reality solution in China.The extension plugs into the HTC Vive and allows to get rid of the cables and improve the freedom of movement of the user.

Since the release of the first virtual reality headsets as HTC Vivo or Oculus Rift, the main technical issues of this devices was the complexity of the installation requested by the user. In the case of Sony PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, it is necessary to configures cameras capable of locating the player in space, but also connect his headset to the computer by a cable.

This is what makes smartphone headsets like Google's Daydream or Samsung's Gear VR so interesting despite the low power of the smartphone inside, they do not need any cable to operate.

-The HTC Vive wireless solution:

HTC intends to be the first to solve this problem, although Oculus is also working on it, announcing an accessory for the HTC Vive to use it without cables. The solution is developed by TPCast in partnership with HTC and will be placed behind the head. The Taiwanese brand promises a quality without reproach. However, the wireless solution could cause motion sickness for some users.

-Price and availability:

For the time being, the kit has been pre-ordered on the Chinese site of HTC for 1499 Yuan which is about 218 $, with an availability expected in the first quarter of 2017. The pre-ordered would have elapsed in less than 18 minutes with a next batch scheduled for December.

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