How Mark Zuckerberg wants to stop misinformation in Facebook?

Accused of facilitating the induction of Donald Trump by spreading false news, Facebook is not really in the smell of sanctity among the Democrats. And the fact that Mark Zuckerberg denied any responsibility. And this is probably why he just posted a long text on his Facebook account in which he details his plan to fight the misinformation.

Let's be reassured, Facebook "disinformation is a subject taken very seriously”. And to prove it, Mark Zuckerberg lists seven ways. First, it intends to invest in technologies to detect false information even before it is reported by users. He also wants to be helped by organizations specialized in verification of facts or by journalists.

Changes to the user interface are also being considered. Facebook intends to simplify the procedure of reporting a false news. He also intends to past "warnings" on the news that have been reported as being false.

Finally, Facebook wants to tighten its advertising charter to prevent the actors who broadcast misinformation take advantage of it to earn money through advertising. A first measure of this type was taken last week, Facebook announced that it would exclude misleading sites from its advertising network. And they are anxious to see the effectiveness of all these measures.

 But it will not be realized until the next great political election.

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