Google Pixel Has Been Hacked In Less Than 60 Seconds!

The is a hacking competition that takes place in South Korea and a Chinese team has come to find a security flaw in just 60 seconds on the first smartphone by Google, Pixel, what worries the giant of the Web Who has relied heavily on his standard-bearer.

A Zero Day vulnerability is a security vulnerability that has never been published. On the one hand, this may be embarrassing for Google, but on the other hand this will fix it quickly in an upcoming update since this feat will not be disclosed before Google fixes it.

The team that realized this feat is of Chinese origin, it is the team Qihoo 360. In addition, the hack was realized remotely and allows to launch the Play Store, the Android app store, As well as Google Chrome. During the demonstration of this team, she displayed the message on the web browser of the device.

By choosing to participate in this competition, the Qihoo360 team has won no less than 520,000 $ in total, including 120,000 for the Google hack. Other flaws include the Microsoft Web browser, Edge, due to the Adobe Flash Player vulnerability.

Another team managed to hack Apple's web browser, Safari under MacOS Sierra in just 20 seconds, yet a proof that Apple's OS are not so sure that some claim it. They earned 80,000 $ for this feat.

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