Facebook offers more games in Messenger

Messaging is currently testing the new platform Instant Games that should be focused on multiplayer.

Messaging officials acknowledge anyway experiment now the Instant Games platform, as reported by the website TechCrunch. It should focus on multiplayer games. A first test was spotted in New Zealand with the provision in the Messenger Shuffle Cats Card Game Candy Crush famous editor of King.com.

Facebook Messenger now claims more than one billion users worldwide. But the competition is tough with an audience of teens and young adults more attracted Snapchat or Whatsapp. Then, the service is constantly launching new features to engage subscribers. Basketball, football, chess, one could already find mini-games on Facebook Messenger for this year, the service was recently opened to third party developers.

The advantage of Instant Games would primarily be able to realize asynchronous multiplayer to compete against friends without necessarily all be on the same time. Facebook could launch a development kit next month but we do not yet know the business model and it is unclear whether publishers will be allowed to practice in-app purchases. Big Viking Games, which publishes Galatron VS or Fish World, would also be in the running.

Recall that Facebook's efforts to position itself in the segment of video games have resulted in several failures, the most resounding was the Spartan project in 2011. This week the company returned to the charge with Facebook Gameroom, a game client PC. It is an application that centralizes games on the social network. Essentially free-to-play.

With Instant Games, Messenger widen further the wake of these games accessible, practical and easy to experiment during short breaks during the day and making captives users to its platform.

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