Dragonball Xenoverse 2: First DLC and Free Update!

One month after the release of Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Bandai Namco announces the first additional content and the free updates of the game.

The launch of the second DB Xenoverse has been more successful than its predecessor. Honored by many additions and modifications. However, the content was repetitive,like what the first Xenoverse has offered.

 Good news for the player, Bandai Namco extends the experience of the game by offering a new free update and the first pack of DLC.

-The DLC:

The DLC contains:
-2 new characters Cabba (with the super Sayain transformation) and frost (final form)
-2 emotes
-3 parallel quests
-New attacks

-The free update:

-New costumes
-New attacks
-New skills
-A new event: Frieza's Siege! Defend Conton city against Frieza army and win 10 New Jersey costumes.
-A new raid quest featuring evil Yamcha
-5 new teachers: Futur Gohan, Bardok, Android 16, Whis, Cooler

The DLC will be available on December 20th

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