BMW Announces the New i3 2017: 50% More Autonomy

In July 2013, BMW presented its 22 kWh lithium battery electric car, the i3. A few days ago, about 3 years after its launch , the German car manufacturer announces that a new version of its car will be presented by 2017.

Among the improvements planned, the car will have a new design both in the front and the rear. On its launch the i3 has been the subject of some criticism on its style which is a little too ''prototype'' and more particularly when compare it with the models of tesla who has kept a certain elegance.

BMW has not given more details on what the new i3 will look like but the German manufacturer will certainly have to make some effort in the design of its electric car to attract more buyers.

the other big change that will come with new i3 concerns the battery life. While on its original version, the electric compact was able to make 300 km without having to stop and charge it again, the new model should allow to cover a greater distance. The autonomy will increase however, the increase will not reach 50%

In the sales side, the i3 did not give the result expected by the German manufacturer, with a drop in sales of about 23% in 2016. Among the possible explanations, we find in particular the expensive price of the vehicle.

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