An underground ocean on Pluto

An ocean is hiding under the ice surface of the dwarf planet Pluto in our solar system.

The idea that Pluto possesses an underground ocean is not new. It is reinforced by two studies researchers from Arizona and California universities published this week in the scientific journal Nature.

The discovery was possible by analyzing images and data collected by the New Horizons spacecraft in July 2015. CNN reports that it was a matter of explaining why the Sputnik plain stretching over 1,000 km on the surface of the dwarf planet, it is permanently aligned with its Charon natural satellite.

This reorientation of Pluto would be a response to volatile ices which fill the Sputnik plain and alter the tidal forces between Pluto and Charon. Between 150 and 200 km below the surface of Pluto, there would be an ocean described as sticky with ice and approaching the 100 km depth.

Asked by Reuters, MIT professor Richard Binzel- who participated in the study of the University of California -Tempers the discovery by declaring that with this ocean covered by so much ice, Pluto "is not an ideal candidate for life", although he added that he was prudent to "Never pronounce the word impossible."

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