A pocket Printer Device Makes Your Life Easier, Zuta Labs ‘Robotic Printer’!

      A New Mobile Printer is released by Zuta Labs ,  traditionally, printers have been cumbersome to lug out of the office but nowdays it is more easy  to keep your work up to date wherever you go ! 

The new Zuta Pocket Printer is about 4 inches , it's can be connected with all kind of mobile device such as mobiles , laptops ;tablets ... via Wi-Fi Technology ,and is supported by Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. The amazing device can be controlled by a free app offered from Zuta company which let the user select the printer for use just like any other wirelessly connected printer and realize his particular tasks ! 

       Zuta Labs said that its new printer can be rechargeable ,it holds a lithium polymer battery and it can be charged via USB port in less than 1 hour and can print more than 60 pages with one single charging attempt

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