A Malicious Raspberry Pi Zero Can Hijack Any Computer Security Armor!

The American privacy and security researcher, computer hacker "Samy Kamkar" show his latest project, it's a Raspberry Pi Zero called PoisonTap  which can hijack your computer via a USB port without any need to Password or any other alternatives doors!

The computer can be hacked by a simple process, when the PoisonTap get connected to any computer, it will be defined as an Ethernet interface, the PC sends a DHCP request, the device responds, the computer accept this and sends data to the fake IPs on PoisonTape instead of the actual websites and services!

“If I were Apple/Microsoft, I would have network devices (actually, probably any USB device except a mouse or keyboard) ask the user if they want to allow it to operate…at least the first time it’s plugged in,” Kamkar said. It is really dangerous to let a USB port connected device takes the control of your entire computer! So much hard work wait security companies and computer firms!

For more informations, here is Samy Kamkar website  https://samy.pl/poisontap/

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