Kingdom Hearts 3: new images of Square Enix RPG

Failure to bring us new information about the anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix gives us two unpublished images that highlight Sora and his keyblade that can take many forms. 

The Kingdom Hearts license has become relatively sprawling following the release of its first two games on PS2. Now Square Enix focuses on the marketing of HD compilations, bringing confusion to the uninitiated.
Anyway, Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development and Square Enix took advantage of the Paris Games Week 2016 to broadcast two new images through the Twitter account of the license. Sora is presented in the world of Olympus and face a heartless.
Keyblade of our hero is put in the spotlight, since it will the ability to take many forms. In this case, it can switch to guard mode or power mode, enabling the defensive play or carry out attacks.
 Recall that Kingdom Hearts 3 is due for release on PS4 and Xbox One at a Date not yet communicated by the publisher.

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