Hotz just cancelled his Autonomous Selfdriving Car Project!

The young Selfdriving Guru George Hotz just cancelled his revolutionary project concerning his first product which was planned to give cars the ability to take driving assistance skills.

The project was cancelled when the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration sent a letter to the young start up "Comma.Ai" where it explained the huge must of taking ensuring safety on U.S. roadways in the first place! The NHTSA insisted on many point such as testing practices and other vehicles safety and many other informations regarding anticipated sales timeline.

George Hotz posted a tweet in his Official account telling he will focus in other company projects rather than looking after regulators and lawyers matters, Hotz was in china that time working on many aspects of the new start up production line.
George was a competitive rival to Elon Musk Company Tesla in the field of autonomous cars, but things are not clear for "Comma.Ai" specially after the last update of the giant Tesla which seems a real new game changer in the fields of selfdriving cars industry.

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