Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Is Finally Here!

The Apple Macbook Pro is finally here, with exclusive features and new components so let's find out if this new MacBook worth it or not...

The new macbook pro comes with two models,a 13 inch and a 15 inch mode,but the resolution stay the same as te old gen which mean 1680x1050 for the 13 inch and 1920x1200 for the 15 inch with an improved brightness of 67%.
 -the 13 inch model weight 1.37 kg and 14.9 mm thin.
 -the 15 inch model weight 1.83 kg and 15.5 mm thin.
-A powerful laptop:
Like previous generations, apple has decide to offer a quality hardware with a powerful processor and a good amount of ram to ensure multitasking.We have the choice between the intel core i5 dual-core or the intel core i7 quad-core coupled with 8 or 16 Gb of RAM, and an integrated intel IRIS or an AMD Polaris GPU.and yeah, no nvidia gpu for 2016 models.
-The all new Touch Bar:
Above the keyboard, we discover the Touch Bar. It is small OLED touchscreen Retina replacing the keys function (f1-f12). However, this new bar is not just for that. The Touch Bar is also contextual and adapts with the different software you use. Photoshop will gives you the ability to change the colors or brightness, and it help you switch to your session using fingerprint...
For the trackpad it becomes much bigger and include Force touch as the iPhone, it will therefore analyze the pressure you exert on it.

-Usb, Hdmi...?

This laptop will not include the hdmi, the sd card reader or the regular usb port all these are replaced with 4x usb type-c either for charging, transfer files or connect an external display.
  Available on the apple online store, the starting price of the MacBook pro is 1866 usd without the Touch Bar.

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